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FAQ Smart Shower

What is so cool about this shower?

This is by far the sleekest shower on the market. It has a modern stainless steel construction which looks great on any wall. The blue LED lights create a beautiful ambience while showering and the illuminated smart panel displays water temp, water flow and time to keep you up today. The shower has 5 modes to give you the ultimate showering experience. 

What modes does it have?

Waterfall, Rainfall, hand held spray, spa jets & tap/spray

Is this an electric shower?

This is not an electric shower. The shower connects to your hot and cold feeds in the way a traditional shower does. It does not heat your water immediately the way an electric shower does. 

How does the shower work if not electric?

Good question. The unit uses the waterflow combined with an internal motion motor to generate enough electricity to power the lighting and the smart panel . There is no electricity supply or batteries needed. The unit is powered by the flow of the water. 

Can I replace my electric shower with this?

In short yes but there are some considerations. All this unit needs is a hot and cold feed. If your current shower has these ( most do) installation is quite simple. If you current shower has a single cold feed ( which is possible) then installation may be more expensive as a hot feed will need to be sourced and connected. 

Do I need a pump?

No. This shower works fine with a gravity fed shower. It will increase the water pressure however if you have a pump. 

How difficult is installation? Could I DIY?

Every situation is different but the majority of showers have a hot and cold feed already. This may be evident from your shower if it is connected at 2 points to the wall. In this case installation is as simple as disconnect existing shower, connect existing ( comes with all the bits you need) and then secure to the wall. 

How long for delivery?

Delivered in 4 to 8 days by courier. 

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our warehouses in Ireland and UK

How long will it take to process my order?

Glad you asked. We commit to processing your order within 48 hours. Once processing is complete the product will be ready to ship.

What if I have more questions?

I love to chat.... just hit that chat button on the bottom right and I will be glad to help you in anyway I can.